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Herndon-Cunningham House

Updated: Jul 8

501 E Street in the New Providence area.

Circa ? Purchased 1872. 2-story brick home.

In 1872, Capt. Thomas Jefferson Herndon (1838-1918) and Sarah “Sallie” Beaumont Dinwiddie Herndon (1847-1880) bought this home. They wed in 1866.

Photo from Clarksville online

They wed in 1866. Thomas had gone to school at Oak Grove Academy near Clarksville and returned to the area after his war service. After the Civil War, Herndon returned to Clarksville and opened a store. He quickly became a tobacconist and operated one of the most extensive warehouses in the area until the Panic of 1893. At some point he served as president of the Clarksville Tobacco Board of Trade and established the Tobacco Exchange. He was also a director of the Farmers and Merchants Bank. For about eight years, he owned a wholesale grocery trading firm and owned farms in Kentucky, Mississippi, and Tennessee. After Sarah passed away, Herndon remarried to Laura Gertrude Coleman (1854-1937) in 1881.

After Herndon’s death, his wife sold the home in 1908 to J. D. Tyler. He was an investor in Hickman Land & Mining Co.

The next two owners were:

Sallie G. Gold;

Wiley Bailey Winn (1856-1945) and Cornelia Edmundson Winn (?-1903) owned the home. They wed in 1882;

Annie Mimms Prince (?-1944).

In the early 1900s the place was bought by Hiram Eugene "Bud" Foster (1855-1917) and Mary Thomas Toler Foster(1861-1919). Then son H.E. Foster, Jr. (1881-1949) and Viola Sanderson Foster (1882-1920). They wed in 1914.

In 1920, [my relatives] Frank Cunningham, Sr.(1888-1967) and Aline Dewees Wiggins Cunningham (1892-1965) purchased it. They wed in 1914. He was a tobacconist and plant manager for Petri Cigar Company. Cunningham was the son of Judge John and Lucy Cunningham of Minglewood. It remained in the Cunningham family until sold in 1987: Frank Cunningham, Jr. (1915-1984) and Georgianna Marcella Gilligan Cunningham (1918-2003)(m.1938). See also Minglewood


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