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Samuel Rexinger House/ Archwood

Photo by Sbugsyk

The Samuel Rexinger House/ Archwood is located at 703 East College St.

Albertine Rexinger purchased the land in 1869, and the house was built in Italianate style in 1878. Albertine was married to Samuel Rexinger who was a prominent merchant and served as Postmaster of Clarksville from 1867-1883. From the late 1890s to early 1900s, the Rexinger House was used to house faculty members and families of Southwestern Presbyterian University. In the early 1940s, Camp Campbell (later Fort Campbell) housed soldiers in the dwelling.

In 1929, the State of Tennessee purchased the campus of Southwestern Presbyterian and organized Austin Peay State College (APSU). [Southwestern Presbyterian University moved to Memphis and was renamed Rhodes College.] In 1948, the mansion was converted back to a single family residence.

In 1965, APSU purchased and renovated the Samuel Rexinger House for the residence of the President of Austin Peay State University. A fire in 1980 damaged the interior, and APSU’s president moved to another property. The house was restored in 1981-81 and converted to faculty offices. The tornado hit Clarksville and APSU and Rexinger House in 1999 and damaged it again. It was restored by 2000. In 2001, the president moved back to Archwood. The house names come from the original family owner Rexinger, and in 1977, APSU renamed the property Archwood. NRHP 1977


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